JANUARY 15, 2015. I moved into 1420 with more baggage than I wanted to carry with me. More than beds, dressers, or dishes. It was so much more than that. I was in the midst of what I thought was the worst time in my life. I misunderstood, judged and alone. I assumed that no one ever cared that I existed. My so called friends let me down. My family was unavailable as usual. It was a tough place to be living in all by myself. Over time, things began to change. I found a new normal for my life. I opened up what was left of my heart and started to create again. I took leaps of faith in every aspect of my life and started to journey and chart a new path for myself and others around me. In case you missed all of that, an easy timeline is below.






Now that I am in a place where I can look at the past as just that, and I have moved forward, this chapter in my life is a beautiful storyline that I am no longer afraid to tell. With that creation came a new love for music, as you can see below.


Taking all the stories of love and lack thereof and compiling them into a short music project is difficult. Being in control of my own narrative, while refreshing, is hard because of the fact that I want to be so intentional about it. I am over music artists who never tell the complete truth in their music, but instead give out bits and pieces and leave subliminal messages in hopes that their audience will continue to consume their watered-down art (yes, I am looking at you Taylor Swift). I am opening the doors of my heart and being as honest and vulnerable as I know how to be with the story that I have to tell. I am in the headspace and heartspace to do it. While I am inspired and motivated, it is time to put out what has been lying dormant in my head and my heart for so long. So, with that, I will be releasing an EP, 1420, on March 29, 2019. 


In order for this project to get the care that it deserves, I am in need of $2500 in financial support. This amount will cover costs of musicians’ services, mixing/mastering and promotion of the project. Additionally, I will be shooting a music video for the project and documentary.

You can help by backing this project financially on INDIEGOGO. You can follow the link above in order to do so.