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Music is a relationship for me. In fact, it’s the longest one I have ever been in. Ups and downs, some days I love it, others I don’t. I started seriously playing and singing in 2012. Before that, it was just a hobby. It’s now a passion. Well, it is again. If you are reading this, then I just came back from a musical hiatus. I got burned out. It happens. It was just a job to me and I lost myself. I found it. I got my strength back now though. I am ready for this next chapter.

I have written/co-written/produced songs with a number of artists over the span of the last 10 years. Recently, I was signed as an official BMI songwriter. Currently, I am writing for 2 projects and working on my first EP set to release in 2019. All of this, while hosting “TBD”, a podcast currently playing in 136 countries and 5 continents.

There is so much more that I want to say, but I will just wait for you to ask.

Quick Facts:

Color: Green

Food: Cs…Chipotle, Chic-fil-A, Checkers

Inspirations: Allen Stone, Emily King, PJ Morton, The BeeGees, The Winans

Guilty Pleasure: Lifetime Movies